Half sunny,half cold

That’s how the weather feels like today. There is nothing else to complain though because the children are off school today and the next four days. It is St.Patrick’s Day weekend and everybody is excited (or maybe some). The husband is working on the parade day and he’s going to be very busy.

We hope to enjoy our little break and hopefully we’ll have plenty of rest that we all deserve. Enjoy the St.Patrick’s festivities everyone.

Mainwhile,we went to a party last night. The room that used to be just a plain site with dining table chairs was transformed into a fab party scene. For a 3-year-old’s simple party (as they’ve said) with an extravagant design, I’d say, the girl is lucky. It was done by her dad who is a graphic designer.

Music companion found!

We looked everywhere until we gave up hope. The husband’s ipod shuffle that was!

I mentioned on my other blog that the husband’s ipod shuffle went missing. We suspect it was our toddler who binned it;with many other stuff. He is so into misadventures and some sort of just everything you can imagine. There is no single minute that you sit without worrying what he is going to do next. Well, he is only 19 months old. Each time he sees a bathroom door opens, he storms his way in. That is because a bathroom is not an ordinary place. He wants to do what every toddler does, wash their hands in the toilet seat!

Anyway, the husband jumped for joy when he found the ipod. It was just in his cycling sunglasses case. Whoever put it there, we just don’t care. We are happy it was not binned. So sad for the picture though as we could not recover it. It was gone for good. The picture was my little boy’s only good studio photo when he was 3 month’s old. Studios do not give copies and I am very sad about it being thrown in the bin. What we hope is when we get our own house, we will definite get a cupboard to store the bins in. At least it would be difficult for little hands to pull, the same with the other worries that we have with child safety. We still have a long way to save for our down payment. My ideal home would be one of the designs at bal harbour homes for sale here. There is no wrong with wishing. A brand new house would be pricey but who knows?

Severe weather warnings

The weather forecast for the weekend is not good. The wind is gushing like mad outside and rain falls from time to time. I could not imagine my husband having to go through such difficult challenge. At least he is off for the weekend. Cycling would have been horrible for him. The coastal areas are more of the danger zone. The damages caused by the same kind of weather last month is not even settled yet. Many people in those areas are affected and flooding is also one of the major problems they face. I hope this will ease up and hopefully we will finally get good temperature because really I could not stand freezing under the duvet.

Arturia brand

There are many things that I would like to do and learning to play the keyboard is one of the those many things. I am a mother of three however, and the household is my priority.I love giving my girls what their little hearts desire, only those that my little money could afford. I got, as I mentioned, my eldest her little guitar so she can start learning on it. She desires to learn music. All she want is to understand how to do things that concerns music. She does not do any lessons but I hope she will in the future.

One of those I found interesting that I also would love to get for her is her personal keyboard. She is not allowed to fumble with her Dad’s. I found Arturia at musicians friend, I think it is a great brand. She will do good at it and I hope I am there to support her all the way.

Bedtime routine

Chocolate drink is almost always part of the the girls’ bedtime routine. I don’t want them having sweets just before bed so I avoid giving them every night. The big sister is not a fan of milk, even milk from school that she considers the best and only place to behave well come home with her. It is supposed to be taken there and then.

Bedtime routine sometime is hard to keep up. There are nights that I feel pretty occupied with the little one where putting them to bed is passed on to their Dad, but they think it is different when it is not me doing it. Oh well!

Classic trombone

Memories of me and my playmates growing up is something we would not stop reminiscing. There are many wonderful things to talk about. Memories that make my daughters wish they have. We grow very differently. We have different kinds of toys, and different ways of spending our play time. We were so resourceful that everything we see, which would have been a waste here, could be used as a toy and endless fun. What my daughters have here are more of high-tech products that do not function without batteries. They are not allowed to climb on trees and run around and go out without supervision. Even in playgrounds that are considered safe still have to be supervised.

Well, at least they know of a few things that do not need batteries to work. My eldest is into using cardboard boxes and tissue paper rolls and turn them into something interesting. At least,a few! There was a fun moment where my second daughter was on her big sister’s guitar and pretended singing while stroking the chords. I think I could actually invest more on musical instrument. I could get them classic trombone straight mute and turn a dull day into a classical and fun moment for them to reminisce in the future. Just as I do!

Thieves should not get protection!

A few days before Christmas, the husband’s bike was stolen. We did not expect any bad news especially when Christmas was the time of giving and spending. There was plenty and too much to think about. We least expect to spend on something we already have. The husband’s bike served him two years at least! But, we were not ready to go for a new one as it was still perfectly doing its job. We just serviced it days before it was stolen. There were new parts fitted on it. It was not brand new but it worked perfectly fine.

My husband saves a lot through cycling to work. It also keeps him fit and keeps his heart active. The robbery was caught on camera. We know about Data Protection that was why they could only allow a member of Garda/Police to view the whole thing. We know of criminals known to them but they could not arrest them. However they affect lives of innocent victims, they are still criminals. They should be prosecuted!

Studio headphones

With the noise around here, I cannot almost hear when on my weekly webinar. If only I could pause a online meeting, I prefer to listen to it when everyone is fast asleep. That is why I need a powerful headset, something like one of those Monster studio headphones. That will surely block all the noise around. For sure no one could keep the children quite when awake. There is nothing I could do but bear in mind that they have to be my number one priority. Anything else including part time work comes after that.

Is it just me, or the season?

It has been a tiring morning lately. It was since last week that I could barely get up to prepare my girls for school. School starts at 9:00. I set my alarm at 7:00, 7:30 the latest. But even when it has passed that period,I still couldn’t get up. I felt like I have worked late and cannot gather strength to pull myself out of bed.

This morning while the husband was preparing for work, I knew I have to get up before he left. However, I think I just have to change my habit. We were almost late for school, at least 5 mins before time as it has taken me quite a long time to get all 3 of them out and in to the car. I know my full responsibility so should I blame this to the season? It is cold especially in the morning. The thought of having to pull of three children out as well just too overwhelming. However, I know seasons passed. I am now looking forward to Spring and Summer.

New set of curtains needed

I need to do something for our living room. I have never replaced the curtains since I removed and washed it. I feel like changing it to a different design that looks sophisticated and child friendly. The reason why I have to remove it is because little dirty finger prints were on it and it was proving dangerous as my toddler always hangs on it. I’ve seen burlap curtains and am considering buying it. Blinds are a No-No and I think I will leave that for now, until maybe they are all grown up.